Who is Digital Blue?

Digital Blue is a consulting and solutions company focused on driving measurable and strategic value in business operations. Digital Blue’s consulting service, the Digital Blueprint, identifies and prioritizes the most valuable improvement opportunities in people, processes, and technology with a data-driven approach based on return on investment. Digital Blue then delivers these transformational changes that accelerate optimal returns. These returns are seen through cost reduction, increased employee productivity, and customer satisfaction. Digital Blue’s healthcare solution, the Digital Clinical Assistant (the DCA), uses intelligent automation to streamline healthcare providers’ most burdensome processes, such as prior authorization and referral intake. Typically, organizations that partner with Digital Blue to automate their processes with the DCA see a reduction in manual effort of up to 60%.

Optimizing Health Care Operations Since 2003

Digital Blue’s founders are Shawn Firehock, Richard Lavertu, and Matt Pontius. These three have worked together to deliver transformational change to their clients within multiple industries over the past 13 years through their previous company, Blue Slate. Results provided for their clients at Blue Slate include leading multi-year programs for several Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs). Here they drove over one billion dollars of waste out of the Medicare System by standardizing and optimizing provider and CMS processes. In addition, they implemented multiple finance and accounting automations for a large life insurance company and identified and delivered 18 process automations for a property and casualty insurance company where they achieved more than $4M in benefits. These successes, among others, lead to the sale of Blue Slate to EXL in 2014. Not long after that, the team decided to start a new company with a focus on healthcare. Digital Blue’s founding team chose healthcare as their focus because it is the one industry they felt could benefit most from transformational change.

Digital Blue’s Mission

Digital Blue’s mission is to improve lives. They do this by drastically reducing the administrative burden through business process optimization, process automation, and digital transformation.  They also do this for their employees by providing a collaborative and innovative work culture where employees’ opinions and ideas are valued, work-life balance is encouraged and supported, and wellbeing and wellness are part of their core values.

The Digital Blueprint

Digital Blue’s consulting team provides a custom “Digital Blueprint” to their customers where they blend best practices of business process analysis with proprietary tools to identify the most valuable digital transformation opportunities quickly. These blueprint projects follow an agile approach to leverage a client’s team of operational leaders, technologists, and subject matter experts. After the blueprint, clients have a data-driven portfolio of prioritized projects based on their unique strategic goals such as customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, revenue growth, or cost reduction. ​At the core of the Digital Blueprint is the disciplined practice of optimizing the client’s existing IT assets first and only introducing new technologies if they can provide a clear return on investment for their business. Learn more Digital Blue Consulting.

The Digital Clinical Assistant

Digital Blue’s innovative solution to some of the most burdensome manual processes in healthcare is called the Digital Clinical Assistant (DCA). The DCA is a highly configurable software that streamlines existing workflows no matter the client’s level of digitization. For example, the DCA can automate electronic workflows requiring manual intervention, such as entering EHR data into ePA portals, looking for approvals, and notifying patients via patient portal software or SMS. Depending on the system, the DCA can also automate fax queues, intercept incoming specialty referrals via fax, create appointments, and send progress reports to referring physicians through a fax queue or email. Learn more about the DCA

Why Choose Digital Blue?

Digital Blue is not a plug-and-play solution provider or one-size-fits-all consulting firm. Instead, Digital Blue is an advocate for transformational value at any level and can meet nearly any client’s needs and budget.  When businesses partner with Digital Blue, they are not just buying a service or piece of software but a relationship towards lasting change and value for their business, employees, and customers. Digital Blue partners with best-in-breed technology vendors to offer customized solutions to customers’ most burdensome processes. Digital Blue’s consultants, architects, engineers, and digital workers can meet a client’s unique needs and continue to meet their needs as they change. 

Ready to transform your business with Digital Blue?