what we do

Improving Lives Every Day

Digital Blue is a consulting and solutions company focused on driving measurable and strategic value for our clients. We leverage our deep expertise within industries, technology, data and process to partner with our clients to help them attain their strategic objectives.

We often start by helping a business leader to develop a plan to achieve their strategic priorities. Digital Blue then works with our clients to implement a prioritized program, based upon ROI, to implement solutions to achieve their goals. Often our clients’ goals revolve around measurable improvements in customer satisfaction, profitability and revenue growth. We leverage best practices in business process optimization, best-of-breed technologies and data insights to achieve our clients’ goals.

Prior Authorization

Drastically reduce the time it takes to obtain the authorization and the amount of time your organization spends on the cumbersome and frustrating process. Ultimately this leads to better patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Digital Clinical Assistant

The Digital Clinical Assistant (DCA) is a suite of solutions focused on reducing the administrative and compliance burden on physicians, PAs, nurses and their teams.

Prescription Drug Monitoring

All states require prescribers to review a patient’s prescription history before prescribing a controlled substance, to check for over-prescription and potential drug abuse.