Prior Authorization

The Challenge
In today’s healthcare environment the number of procedures requiring prior authorization continues to grow, and as a result, so does the administrative burden and related cost (up 60% in 2019)  for both providers and payers in completing these authorizations. The need to improve this process and find a new way to reduce this burden has never been greater. At Digital Blue, through the combination of proven industry professionals and decades of combined healthcare and process automation experience, we have developed a solution that significantly reduces the effort and turnaround time required by both providers and payers in navigating this process. Through process automation and the use of our workbench for prior authorization management and prioritization, our solution will reduce the amount of time and effort required by your nurses and physicians by nearly 50% allowing more focus on patient care and less on administrative tasks.

The Result
A drastic reduction in the effort and time required to get authorization approvals, resulting in reduced provider burden, improved patient outcomes, improved patient satisfaction, and reduced payment time.

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Reclaim invaluable hours for patient care utilizing our comprehensive prior authorization workbench

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