Improving lives by reducing the administrative burden

Intelligent automation for health care

Health care providers and practice administrators have faced unprecedented challenges in recent years. Technology has gradually entered into provider workflows either by choice or force. Many providers see new technology as an additional burden, and a distraction from patient care, but that doesn’t have to be the case.  The Digital Clinical Assistant (DCA) is Digital Blue’s healthcare-specific software as a service.  The DCA exists to streamline administrative processes by reducing the number of manual steps needed to complete a process. Providers find themselves staring at fewer screens, sending fewer faxes, and spending significantly less time on the phone with payers.

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Recover thousands of RN hours to redirect to patient care and education, increase number of approvals by 20% and reduce time to approval by 50%
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Integrates within your current systems and workflows (including processing faxes) to eliminate the need for faxes and multiple time consuming phone calls. Prevent referral leakage and care abandonment, and create awesome first impressions with new patients and grow annual revenue.
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Automatically pull PMP results overnight to eliminate 2-5 minutes of time per patient visit and eliminate the risk of non-compliance, and improve quality of care.
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What our customers are saying

“…this is life-changing technology!”

– Senior RN | Prior Authorization Leader | DCA Client

“Wow, this really is hocus-pocus!”

Director of operations | DCA Client

“I think we need a happy dance!”

RN | DCA Client