Digital transformation for healthcare

Digital transformation is essential in the healthcare industry as it offers many benefits, including improved patient outcomes, increased efficiency, and cost savings. Implementing intelligent automation to replace highly manual processes can prevent provider burnout and reduce revenue waste. In addition, adding augmented intelligence to existing electronic workflows can reduce errors and improve care coordination among healthcare providers.

Digital transformation in healthcare can also help address some of the major challenges facing the healthcare industry, such as rising healthcare costs, an aging population, and a shortage of healthcare workers.

Digital Blue’s healthcare consulting service provides healthcare leaders with a trusted partner to improve lives by eliminating inefficiencies, increasing productivity, and improving patient satisfaction. Client benefits include; increased revenue, reduced operational cost and administrative burden, and improved quality of care. 

Solution Spotlight- Data Aggregation for Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) Data

We understand that disparate and underutilized data can lead to an incomplete understanding of the data and an inability to produce actionable insights. Our Data Aggregation for SDoH solution offers incremental but high-impact value to all parties utilizing SDoH data to deliver care and social services. Our data-driven approach ensures that organizations have a clear picture of individual needs, challenges, and barriers to services.  Organizations can then ensure that individuals receive all the available social assistance, reducing health plan and provider costs.

At Digital Blue, we provide an innovative solution that combines technology and human power to aggregate, store, and analyze SDoH data. Our approach ensures that extensive human power is not required to operate software manually, delivering tangible information to improve outcomes and freeing up valuable staff for talent-driven work.

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Eliminate manual, low value, and error prone tasks, reduce processing time for mission critical operations and improve employee and customer experience-- focusing your team on higher value work
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Increase the capacity and productivity of your team and eliminate low-value and mundane manual work resulting in an improved customer experience and employee satisfaction
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Transform your business through proven methodology, partnerships with best of breed technologies, and collaborative design and build with your team.
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Optimal risk management aligned with your strategic objectives, exceptional collaboration and communication with all levels of your organization, and senior hands-on leadership to maximize the return on your investment.
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The Digital Blueprint

Digital Blue has a disciplined and proven methodology to identify and quantify the value of your top digital transformation opportunities. We blend best practices of business process analysis with proprietary tools to quickly identify the most valuable digital transformation opportunities. Our blueprint projects follow an agile approach to dynamically leverage your team of operational leaders, technologists and subject matter experts, as needed. At the conclusion of the blueprint you will have a data driven portfolio of prioritized projects that are based upon your unique strategic goals such as customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, revenue growth or cost reduction.

​At the core of our digital transformation approach is the disciplined practice of optimizing your existing IT assets first and only introducing new technologies if they can provide a clear return on investment for your business.

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