Data Aggregration for SDoH Data

Why is a Data Factory Important for Social Drivers of Health (SDoH)?

A data factory is essential for community organizations because it aggregates and analyzes disparate data from multiple sources. A clear data picture in the aggregate leads to a better understanding of an individual’s SDoH.

Community organizations can use data factories to collect data on various SDoH, such as access to healthcare, food insecurity, housing, transportation, and education. By combining and analyzing this data, community organizations can identify the most significant health issues affecting the community and develop targeted interventions to address them.

Data factories also help community organizations reduce costs by ensuring they receive all the social assistance available in their communities. By leveraging data to identify individuals at risk of adverse health outcomes, community organizations can intervene early and provide appropriate support, reducing healthcare costs and improving patient outcomes.

Overall, a data factory provides community organizations with a more comprehensive understanding of the community’s needs, allowing them to develop targeted interventions and programs that improve the health and wellness of the community. By harnessing the power of data, community organizations can better serve their communities and achieve their mission to promote health equity.

A tech-enabled, people-driven solution

Data aggregation is crucial for community organizations as it combines and analyzes data from multiple sources to understand better an individual’s social drivers of health (SDoH). Data factories help organizations improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs by identifying significant health issues and providing targeted interventions. Digital Blue offers a tech-enabled, people-driven solution that aggregates, stores, and analyzes SDoH data, freeing up valuable staff for talent-driven work.

Case Study: Digital Blue and Healthy Alliance Partner to Demonstrate the Value of SDoH through Data Aggregation.

Learn how Digital Blue’s Health Care Consulting Team is helping Healthy Alliance design and build a trailblazing data factory to ingest and aggregate data throughout Healthy Alliance‚Äôs expansive social, behavioral, and clinical provider network. Once aggregated, this data is used to track, analyze, and provide insight into how social drivers of health (SDoH) impact the health of individuals within and across demographic and other categories.