Referral Automation

Referral intake- intelligently automated

A typical referral process can take around two to a few months, depending on the referral queue size at both the referring physician and the specialist office.  Once the patient is scheduled, it is up to the specialist and their staff to complete the process– documenting the visit and following up with the referring physician.

The traditional referral process has significant room for error

  • Errors in documentation
  • Missed phone calls by the patient
  • Overlooked or accidentally deleted/shredded faxes
  • Time delays that cause the patient to abandon treatment or seek treatment directly through an out-of-network specialist

Solution Features

  • Optimize the referral intake process with intelligent automation
  • Automated ingestion of faxes
  • A tracking system for referral completion
  • Automated patient correspondence, either through the patient portal, SMS, or phone
  • API integration with nearly any EHR and scheduling software to seemlessly automate scheduling
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Solution Benefits

  • Prevent referral leakage and care abandonment
  • Eliminate the need for faxes and multiple time-consuming phone calls
  • Integrates within your current systems and workflows (including processing faxes)
  • Create an awesome first impression with new patients and grow annual revenue

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