Measurable Transformation in Health Plan and Program Operations

Digital Blue has a strong track record of success in driving measurable and sustainable transformation for clients in the health plan sector. We have been optimizing operations since 2006 and have helped leading organizations significantly improve efficiency and cost savings. Digital Blue’s expertise in medical review, mailroom and document control, provider enrollment, overpayment and recovery, provider experience (CRM), prior authorization, appeals, and claims processing have driven transformational health plan operations.

Our clients have seen tangible results from our services, including the recovery of 30,000 RN hours per year from administrative work, a 40% reduction in cost per claim, a 4x improvement in Provider Experience productivity, $1 million per year savings in mailroom operations, a $15 drop in cost per prior authorization processed, and a 200% improvement in Medical Review effectiveness.

Digital Blueprint

Digital Blue has a disciplined and proven methodology to identify and quantify the value of your top digital transformation opportunities. We blend best practices of business process analysis with proprietary tools to quickly identify the most valuable digital transformation opportunities. Our blueprint projects follow an agile approach to dynamically leverage your team of operational leaders, technologists and subject matter experts, as needed. At the conclusion of the blueprint you will have a data driven portfolio of prioritized projects that are based upon your unique strategic goals such as customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, revenue growth or cost reduction.

‚ÄčAt the core of our digital transformation approach is the disciplined practice of optimizing your existing IT assets first and only introducing new technologies if they can provide a clear return on investment for your business.

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